Thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving is just around the corner which means it's time to ask ourselves the annual question, 'how do we want to tackle the turkey?' Well, you don't need to worry this year cause we can help! We've compiled a list of different recipes from top chefs & bloggers to provide you a variety of options and flavors.

Check out all the recipes below:

Turkey Dry Rub - from Southern Living

A traditional rub that adds smoky, garlicky layers of flavor and brings out the bird’s natural juices. A delightful upgrade to your traditional turkey.

Featured Ingredients: black pepper | smoked paprika | garlic powder

Roast Jerk Turkey - from Ayesha Curry

Stephen Curry’s basketball antics risk taking a backseat to his wife Ayesha’s spectacular Caribbean-inspired turkey recipe. 

Featured Ingredients: ground cloves | ground allspice | star anise | black pepper

Mean Green Turkey Machine - from Guy Fieri

Guy never shies away from a trip to “flavor town” and his Southwestern inspired take on turkey leans heavily on an array of fresh green chilis and an aromatic brine to propel this recipe “off the chain”.

Featured Ingredients: black pepper | red pepper flakes | bay leaves

turkey dinner on table

Roast Turkey - from Good Eats

One of the world’s most beloved modern roast turkey recipes, Alton Brown’s crafty brine and bouquet of aromatics guarantees a full day of delicious aromas (and delicious turkey to boot).

Featured Ingredients: black peppercorns | allspice berries | candied ginger | cinnamon sticks

Citrus-Rosemary Rubbed Turkey - from Taste of Home

With sweet, acidic, and minty notes, this recipe adds a pleasant brightness to the traditional, Thanksgiving spread and pairs wonderfully with similarly creative side dishes.

Featured Ingredients: dried rosemary | dried orange zest | dried lemon zest | onion powder | garlic powder | black pepper

Indian-Spiced Roast Turkey - from Food & Wine

While originally written as a recipe for turkey breast, this amazing Indian-flavored turkey recipe can be easily adjusted to spice an entire bird and make a memorably delicious addition to your Thanksgiving feast.

Featured Ingredients: ground turmeric | ground cumin | ground coriander | ground cinnamon | cayenne pepper

fall ingredients

Air Fryer Turkey Breast - from The Recipe Rebel

It’s only a matter of time before air fryers replace those bubbling cauldrons of oil-based turkey fryers, but for now enjoy Recipe Rebel’s delicious, juicy take on the turkey breast with a flavor profile the pairs perfectly with traditional Thanksgiving fixings.

Featured Ingredients: garlic powder | dried parsley | dried thyme | paprika

Cider-Brined Turkey with Star Anise & Cinnamon - from Bon Appétit

This recipe is a beautiful combination of Asian-inspired undertones with the dazzling Fall flavors of a spiced apple cider.  Your whole house will smell amazing and guests will be delighted by this creative, but approachable take on the Thanksgiving turkey.

Featured Ingredients: black peppercorns | star anise | dried shiitake mushrooms | 3-4” Cinnamon sticks

Cajun Spiced Turkey - from Louisiana Cookin'

Think of the Louisiana-inspired side dishes that could be dreamed up along side this flavorful bird! Mix your own Cajun spice blend from Louisiana Cookin’ or skip ahead by simply using Spice Jungle’s own Cajun spice blend!

Featured Ingredients: onion powder | smoked paprika | ground oregano | ground thyme | ground cumin | ground mustard | celery salt | chipotle chili powder

turkey dinner

Porcini Mushroom Turkey with Mushroom Gravy - from Bon Appétit

It’s no secret that we’re a little mushroom-crazy here at Spice Jungle—love that umami!  Naturally, we couldn’t resist this mushroom-forward turkey recipe.  The resulting gravy will be the star of the show!

Featured Ingredients: dried porcini mushrooms | thyme | rosemary | shallot

Tandoori Turkey - from Marcus Samuelsson

Swing for the fences with this daring, yet delicious and remarkably tender Indian-inspired tandoori turkey. The key is enclosing the turkey in foil or a roasting bag to simulate the effect of a genuine tandoori oven.

Featured Ingredients: fenugreek leaves | garam masala | cracked peppercorns | black cardamom pods | green cardamom pods