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  1. Chai Tea Biscotti

    Chai Tea Biscotti Winter is finally here in full force! Much of the country is buried under a blanket of snow, and we find ourselves wanting to stay inside under some nice warm blankets of our own. Few things are better on a chilly winter day than a nice hot cup of coffee and a delicious treat to dip in it. Our Chai Tea Biscotti recipe puts a spicy spin on the classic Italian biscuit and is sure to help you through even the most frightful winter day. Continue reading →

  2. Roobios Tea Ice Cream

    Roobios Tea Ice Cream I scream, you scream, we all scream for... rooibos? It may not be summer quite yet, but the temperature is slowly starting to rise, and there’s no better way to stay cool than with a delicious cold concoction. What if we told you it was easy to make an ice cream that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted, right in the comfort of your own home? Flavored with South African rooibos tea, this frozen treat will become your favorite way to beat the heat. Continue reading →

  3. Spiced Apple Coffee Cake

    Spiced Apple Coffee Cake RecipeBright red apples, cool crisp fall days, sweet smells of baked goods wafting through the kitchen. Certain sights and smells have a way of conjuring up memories of home. Living throughout the United States and traveling around the world has put me in the unique position to miss home at times. As a person who is at the very beginning of the millennial generation and the tail end of gen x we are dreamers, risk takers, goal setters, and proverbial wanderers. We set the trends, and we build tech businesses and empires all from our mac books. Our generation craves new experiences, and we are always looking for the next big adventure. This means that we move frequently, expand and grow our knowledge of the world that surrounds us. But it also means that we often call many places home and that homesickness is nearly commonplace. Continue reading →

  4. Chai Tea Vanilla Layer Cake

    vanilla layer cake Have you ever wanted to learn how to create those beautiful layer cakes that you see at your favorite bakery or cake shops? Many home cooks are intimidated by the seemingly daunting task of creating those perfectly layered cakes. I am here to assure you that you can do it! Continue reading →

  5. Fennel Pollen Shortbread Cookies

    fennel pollen shortbread cookies Fennel pollen, the spice most commonly referred to as angel dust in the culinary world, is now available to you on Spice Jungle. The darling of many five star chefs, this spice can transform any average dish into a spectacular dish! Now that you know this, you may be wondering "what the heck is it" and why would a home cook use it in their own creations? Continue reading →

  6. White Chocolate Cashew-Coconut Truffles

    White Chocolate Cashew Truffles Cashews, chocolate, and coconut... have I died and gone to heaven? These small but incredibly decadent truffles are sinfully delicious and so easy to make! White chocolate, although commonly thought of as chocolate is not actually chocolate. White chocolate is the cocoa butter that comes off the cacao bean when it is processed into chocolate. Creamy and smooth, white chocolate is perfectly suited to the crunchy saltiness of the cashew. What really sets this truffle recipe apart is the coconut. Not just any ordinary coconut will do for this amazing creation; this recipe will be using the delicious Macaroon coconut. Continue reading →

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