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  • 4 Herbs to Reinvent Your Kitchen

    Four Herbs to Reinvent Your Kitchen

    Look, we love basil and thyme as much as anyone but use them too much and your recipes might become a bit predictable. Perhaps it’s time to venture outside the spice cabinet a bit? We recommend perking up your senses with a few outside-the-box herbs that you may not have tried or given much consideration before!

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  • Health Benefits of Cinnamon

    Health Benefits of Cinnamon Sticks

    Oh, cinnamon. Beloved in cuisines worldwide it makes our curries warm, ensures our ham glazes our addictive, and keeps pilafs perky. (And let’s not even get into its importance in pumpkin spice everything.)

    Even better? Cinnamon has so many health benefits!

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  • Spiced Apple Coffee Cake

    Spiced Apple Coffee Cake Recipe

    Bright red apples, cool crisp fall days, sweet smells of baked goods wafting through the kitchen. Certain sights and smells have a way of conjuring up memories of home. Living throughout the United States and traveling around the world has put me in the unique position to miss home at times.

    As a person who is at the very beginning of the millennial generation and the tail end of gen x we are dreamers, risk takers, goal setters, and proverbial wanderers. We set the trends, and we build tech businesses and empires all from our mac books. Our generation craves new experiences, and we are always looking for the next big adventure. This means that we move frequently, expand and grow our knowledge of the world that surrounds us. But it also means that we often call many places home and that homesickness is nearly commonplace.

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  • Homemade Mulled Apple Cider

    Homemade mulled apple cider

    The holidays are fast approaching, the seasons have changed. Thoughts of summer fade into distant memories, warm sweaters and hot drinks become an essential part of the day to day life. As you begin to plan your holiday festivities consider a homemade mulled apple cider drink steeped in rich tradition and heritage for your next dinner, soiree or holiday feast. Continue reading

  • Blackened Salmon Salad Recipe

    cajun blackened salmon salad

    A while back, I was in the warehouse looking through spices to create recipes for the SpiceJungle blog. I came upon two spices that seemed very similar but with slightly different names I was a bit perplexed as to the differences between the two.

    I know that cooks in Louisiana often use Cajun seasoning in jambalayas when boiling crawfish, and they add to just about any seafood coming fresh off the boats that day. But what about Cajun blackening seasoning? What is the difference between the two seasonings? I know you’re dying to know!!! Well, call off Sherlock Holmes because the mystery is solved.

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  • Where Does Black Pepper Come From?

    Black Pepper

    Black pepper holds a unique space in the average North American home. After all, whereas other spices live tucked away in dark cupboards black pepper proudly stands in shakers and grinders on the kitchen counter or – holiest of holy places – the dining table in nearly every single home and restaurant. It’s the only spice that finds its way into nearly every single dish.

    But what exactly is black pepper and where does it come from?

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  • Would the "Real" Cinnamon Please Stand Up?

    Types of Cinnamon

    Cinnamon. It's used in so many things, from cooking and baking to potpourri and moth repellent! (Yes, seriously.) In the UK, studies have even found that consistent cinnamon in a diet can help with diabetes and blood pressure complications. Other studies have found that cinnamon can be used to clear cognitive function, reduce cholesterol, and even aid in weight loss.

    The tests I am most familiar with are conducted in my kitchen, however, and they taste delicious. So, no matter what YOU use cinnamon for, there are plenty of cinnamon varieties out there to widen your horizons! And that brings me to my question...

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  • Cheddar Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich

    Cheddar Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich

    Light, flaky, buttery... all adjectives that describe the perfect biscuit.

    The biscuit has very humble beginnings as a way for cooks to use the remaining eggs, butter, and flour before the beginning of Lent. In more recent years the biscuit has become a staple at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Biscuits are often paired with sausage gravy and eggs at breakfast, are utilized as a vehicle for cheese and meats at lunch, and are paired with just about anything at dinner.

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  • Chipotle Hasselback Potatoes

    Chipotle Hasselback Potatoes

    We live in a fast-paced, commercialized world. The concept of a sit-down family dinner when life is hectic is often regarded as frivolous or time-consuming, especially during the week when schedules are typically the most hectic. Too often we trade the convenience of take-out or fast food for the comfort of a home cooked meal.

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  • Four Chile Peppers You Might Not Have Tried (But Should)

    Dried Cascabel Peppers

    Are the old flames of your kitchen not burning as hot these days? Perhaps it’s time to switch up your chile pepper game. Reignite the passion with these unique chile peppers!

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