Here at Spice Jungle, we pride ourselves on sourcing nothing but the finest ingredients from around the world, as well as providing a top-notch experience for our customers. We take this commitment seriously. But behind the scenes, we try to cultivate a fun company culture and, well, sometimes we can get a little silly. One of our favorite things to do is exchange some witty wordplay, and we thought we'd share some of the fun! Call them puns, call them dad jokes, just don't call us late for dinner! Try to herb your excitement while you read some of our favorite spicy jokes!

Spice Puns & Jokes

  1. My family rolls their eyes every time I make an herb pun. I don’t know what their dill is.
  2. Dad {reads Spice Jungle delivery notification}: Well family, this is it; looks like my thyme has come.
  3. The judge asked the bay leaf to set the defendant free after the jury decided there wasn't enough evidence to convict him beyond a seasonable doubt. Turns out he was just in the wrong place at the wrong thyme.
  4. What is the best way to cool a hot soup? Add a chilly pepper.
  5. What do you call thyme used for a mid-day meal? Lunchthyme.
  6. Did you hear salt and pepper broke up? It's sad, but I guess everything happens for a season.
  7. What are the nosiest peppers? The ones that get jalapeño business.
  8. How do spices greet each other during the holidays? Seasons Greetings!
  9. I was going to make my own Herbes de Provence, but I ran out of thyme
  10. Why did the chef over-season the dish? She was in too much of a curry.
  1. Why do fish prefer to live in salt water? Pepper water makes them sneeze.
  2. Dried thyme loses its potency as it ages, but technically never expires. You could say its thymeless.
  3. Why is salt salty? You would be too if you kept getting pinched.
  4. What's an optometrist's favorite seasoning? Sea salt.
  5. I want to organize my spice cabinet but I just can't find the thyme.
  6. Why couldn't the pepper play with his friends? He was grounded.
  7. What do you use to pour spices into a jar? A fennel.
  8. Culinary Instructor: Can you tell me a pepper that is hotter than a serrano pepper but not as hot as a Thai pepper? Student: Yes I cayenne.
  9. Wife: Will you pass me that French parsley? Husband: I chervil…
  10. Why did the chef add extra oregano to the sauce? He was making up for lost thyme.
  11. Did you hear about the crime spree on the ginger farm? The detective is committed to get to the root of it all.
  12. Have you heard that joke about dried tree flowers? You're going to clove it!
  13. Did you know I review herbs and spices? I'm a seasoned expert.
Funny herbs
  1. My friend told me if I season my water it will boil faster. She lied and it was a waste of thyme.
  2. Did you know ginger is an ancient spice? Its roots go way back.
  3. Did you hear that Christmas spice joke? Nevermind, it's the wrong season.
  4. My girlfriend said she was going to leave me if I made one more spice pun. I told her I needed some thyme to change.
  5. Did you hear team ginger and team turmeric will play each other for the championship? I just don’t know who to root for.
  6. Why are ginger farmers good at math? They know how to find the root.
  7. The last thing she said before leaving to Mexico was that she's looking for a pepper life.
  8. Why did the dinosaurs eat bland food? Because they lived in the land before thyme.
  9. What spice always has to be the center of attention? Star anise.
  10. Don't feel bad for chilis that dry out. They’ll go to a pepper place.
  11. It doesn't matter if you call it cassia or Chinese Cinnamon, they’re cinnamons for the same thing.
  12. If cinnamon comes from tree bark why do stores call it ground cinnamon?
  13. I would tell you one more herb joke, but I don't want to waste your thyme.

Well, you’ve cumin to the end of the list. We get it, even if you clove to laugh, these [pepper]corny jokes can be too much!