favorite sea salts

Gourmet sea salts can be used to add unique flavors in cooking and baking. Did you know that there are thousands of different gourmet salts available to consumers? I choose to highlight five of our favorite salts that I personally think are most beautiful and delicious! But don’t let this limit you in your exploration of salt. We offer many various flavors, colors, and coarseness of these exquisite salts from around the world. Let us know what your favorites are!

Himalayan pink salt is a medium coarse salt. This salt is primarily used as a finishing salt. What does this mean? A finishing salt is sprinkled onto your finished savory or sweet dish. It is meant to enhance and complement the flavors of the dish while adding an additional characteristic exclusive to the salt. Himalayan pink salt has long been known to have an abundance of health benefits. Does Himalayan pink salt have a distinct flavor? The best way to describe the salt is slightly floral and soft with a very mellow flavor. Try placing table salt on your tongue; it will have a very sharp flavor. Himalayan pink salt is soft and subtle, bringing out the flavors of your creations without masking them in salt flavor.

Red Hawaiian salt is a bold salt with earthy flavors. The salt is a pure unrefined sea salt that is mixed with Alea red clay. The result is a mineral-rich salt that is often used in Hawaiian blessing ceremonies, poke (fish salad) and pig roasts. The salt has a very defined mineral flavor. Use sparingly on pork, beef, and salmon.

Black Hawaiian salt is a beautiful rich black color. The salt is a Pacific sea salt that is then blended with activated charcoal. The charcoal has many health benefits that include aiding in digestion. A bold and almost smoky flavor, this salt is best used sparingly on both savory and sweet applications.

Hickory smoked sea salt is the perfect addition to all of your barbecue needs! This salt is the perfect way to add that smoke flavor without the long and tedious process of traditional barbecue smoking. Bold and smoky, this salt is created from unprocessed sea salt that has been infused with natural hickory smoke. Be careful with this salt, a little goes a long way! Use with just about any meat, vegetables or even to finish chocolate desserts!

And finally, black truffle sea salt! This sea salt incorporates the truffles outstanding aromatic qualities. The aroma of the truffle is earthy, rich, and very sweet with complex savory notes. Use this salt on potatoes, pasta, or other starchy dishes. You can even add this salt to red meat marinades or a cream sauce to infuse the truffle flavor. This salt can also be used traditionally on french fries or buttered popcorn.