Pink Peppercorns, Ground

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Instead of coming from the vine that black, white, and green pepper is sourced from, pink peppercorns are the berries of Peruvian pepper tree that grows throughout South America and North America. The slight peppery flavor is due to piperine oil, which is also found in other peppercorns. However, the heat of other peppers isn’t present here.

The flavor is rather fruity, though like an academic text, read into it enough and you’ll come to rather fascinating footnotes - pine, juniper berry, and a vague sort of berry aroma exist.

The berries have a chemical that can cause stomach irritation, but only when consumed in enormous quantities. You’ll never need as much pink pepper as you would black, white, or green as pink peppercorns can be a bit more abrasive. Due to their piercing quality they compliment fatty meats, fishes, and sauces well. In addition, they work well when paired with chocolate.

More Information
IngredientsPink peppercorns.
Recommended ApplicationsThis Ground Pink Peppercorn is great in recipes, used in place of pepper, to create creamy salad dressings, vinaigrettes, marinades, or sauces. Another great use, roll filet mignon or pork tenderloin in the Pink Peppercorns prior to grilling or roasting, for an elegant sweet pepper flavor.
Basic PreparationReady to add to any recipe as directed, as no preparation is required.
CuisineAmerican, Asian, European, Indian
Product StylePowder
Taste & AromaHot, Pungent
Shelf Life3 years
Handling / StorageTo be stored in a cool, dry place.
Country of OriginUnited States
Dietary PreferencesGluten-Free, Kosher Parve, Non-GMO
Allergen InformationMay not be suitable for nut-allergic consumers.


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