Christmas Peppercorn Blend

A festive mix of pink and green peppercorns. Place in a clear peppermill and pop on the table for Christmas dinner.

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A novel noel accoutrement. The pink peppercorns offer perky fruitiness and the green peppercorns are piney, fresh, with an intriguing vegetal flavor. The spice is mild and will perfectly accompany goose, duck, turkey, green beans, and Brussels sprouts.

More Information
IngredientsGreen peppercorns and pink peppercorns.
Recommended ApplicationsThe Christmas Peppercorn Blend, with its delicate and sweet flavor can be added whole, crushed or ground to any recipe substituting pepper. Used to create sauces, vinaigrettes, marinades, and creamy salad dressings, this blend is also fantastic as a rub for pork tenderloin or filet mignon. The delicately sweet flavor of Christmas Blend Peppercorns can be added whole, crushed or ground to recipes in place of pepper to create sauces, marinades, vinaigrettes and creamy salad dressings. Perfect as a rub for pork tenderloin or filet mignon.
Basic PreparationPepper is best when ground fresh just before use. Another option is to tie peppercorns in a cheese cloth bag and drop into a simmering soup or stew. Remove spice bag before serving. Pepper loses its flavor during long-cooking periods, so add at the end.
CuisineAmerican, Indian
Product StyleWhole
Taste & AromaHot
Shelf Life2 years
Handling / StorageStore in a cool, dry place.
Country of OriginUnited States
Allergen InformationNone Specified


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