Pasilla Chili Powder

Pasilla chile / Chile negro / Chilaca chili pepper

A chile to nibble on at the theatre. A smell and flavor similar to… Raisinets?

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The color of ground pasilla chili powder can range from dark aubergine to black. The flavor is dark, rich, and rather luxurious. It’s often described as chocolaty, or tasting of prunes and raisins. In fact, it’s considered one of the most flavorful chiles of all and one that likes to stand in the spotlight of a recipe. For traditional mole recipes, the pasilla negro is part of the “Holy Trinity” of chiles; the other two being whole Ancho chiles and mulatto chiles.

The powdered form made from dried pasilla negro chiles can be added to beans and chilis. However, pasilla chili powder may be at its best in compound butters and slathered over corn or biscuits. In addition, consider adding a teaspoon of it to ground turkey or beef to make for some of the best burgers you’ve ever had.

More Information
IngredientsGround pasilla chile pepper.
Recommended ApplicationsUse this Pasilla Negro Chile Powder for cream based sauces, soups, salsa, or for mole. With a fruity flavor and herbaceous undertones, this chile powder is also fantastic with fish, poultry, or to spice up your favorite enchilada or taco.
Basic PreparationReady to use as is, no basic preparation is required.
Product StylePowder
CuisineAsian, Cajun, Caribbean, Chinese, Indian, Latin American, Mexican, Pakistani, Southwestern American, Tex-Mex, Thai
Handling / StorageStore in a dry, cool place.
Scoville Heat Scale1,000–2,500, 3,500–8,000
Shelf Life3 Years
Country of OriginMexico
Dietary PreferencesGluten-Free, Kosher Parve, Non-GMO
Allergen InformationNone Specified


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