Lobster Mushrooms, Dried

Hypomyces lactifluorum

The adventure book hero mushroom – handsome and dashing. Women love him, men want to be him, and both want to cook him.

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It isn’t really hard to guess why the lobster mushroom is so named. This parasitic fungus (it’s not technically a mushroom) grows on other mushrooms and eventually colonizes them with a meaty, red flesh that takes on the appearance of cooked lobster meat. In the process the zombified mushroom host gains both a striking appearance and delightful flavor.

The aroma when dried lobster mushroom reconstitutes, strangely, is a little aquatic and somewhat reminiscent of shellfish. The flavor makes the name even more appropriate as there are faint hints of lobster and certainly a taste of clam amongst its otherwise simple mushroom flavor. Use it in place of nearly any mushroom in a recipe. This cooking lobster mushroom for sale is a perfect addition to casseroles or plates of mac and cheese.

More Information
IngredientsDried lobster mushrooms.
Recommended ApplicationsUse the Lobster Mushroom as a substitute for any mushroom in a recipe for a great touch of color. Delicious when paired with meat or tofu, baked in dishes, or sautéed.
Basic PreparationRule of thumb, 1 oz. of dry mushrooms reconstitutes to 3-4 oz. of fresh mushrooms. To prepare, start by rinsing the product in cold, running water to remove any debris. To reconstitute, put the desired amount of mushrooms to be used in a bowl, cover with boiling water and then let them soak for 15-20 minutes prior to draining. Add to recipes that will cook for at least 25 minutes.
Product StyleWhole
CuisineAmerican, Asian, Chinese, European, French
Handling / StorageStore in a cool, dry place.
Shelf Life1 Year
Country of OriginUnited States
Dietary PreferencesAll Natural, Gluten-Free, Kosher Parve, Non-GMO
Allergen InformationNone Specified


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