Red Chili Flakes (Aleppo-Style)

While in North America and Europe families often uses black pepper as an everyday table spice, through Turkey and much of the Middle East aleppo pepper if more commonly used. Why not mix it up at every meal with a little bit of red flare?

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Named after the city of Aleppo this popular spice is used on everything from kabobs to grilled vegetables. Indeed, nearly all dishes get a small sprinkling of Aleppo style pepper flakes. Unlike more common red chile flakes, aleppo peppers are much milder. In addition, these peppers are often cured in salt before they’re dried. The result is a slightly salty Aleppo chili flake with the flavor of raisins, prunes, and sun-dried tomatoes. The heat level is also more subtle, but still possess a pleasantly slow burn. We encourage you to keep these Turkish chili flakes in a spare shaker at the table. Perfect for finishing off pizza, mashed potatoes, for giving a bit of kick to soups.

More Information
IngredientsCrushed chile peppers.
Recommended ApplicationsThe Aleppo Style Red Chile Flakes are great with chicken, red meats, soups, or as a great substitute for crushed red pepper.
Basic PreparationReady to use as is, no preparation is required.
Product StyleCrushed
CuisineAmerican, Asian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern
Handling / StorageTo be stored in a dry, cool place.
Shelf Life1 year
Country of OriginChina
Dietary PreferencesAll Natural, Gluten-Free, Kosher Parve, Non-GMO
Allergen InformationNone Specified


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