Wiri Wiri Chili Powder

Cherry Pepper

If fury had a flavor – angry and hot.

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These peppers are incredibly hot, with a level just under the habanero. They possess a fruity-chai-teriyaki scent, and the flavor is spicy and sharp. The wiri-wiri is a complicated specimen and doesn’t like to be boxed in. This particular chile has roots in South American and Caribbean cuisines, particularly in hot sauces throughout Guyana.

This powder is best reserved for making homemade hot sauces or spiking unique fruit salsas. Its bold flavor and prickly heat make it a must if you have aspirations of keeping a proper South American kitchen.

More Information
IngredientsDried wiri wiri chiles.
Recommended ApplicationsTraditionally used in South America, the Caribbean, and Central America this chile variety is used for salsa, hot sauce, or marinades. Great addition for a punch of heat, especially when added to soups or stews.
Basic PreparationReady to add to any recipe as directed, as no preparation is required.
Product StylePowder
CuisineAsian, Caribbean, Chinese, Indian, Latin American, South American, Thai
Handling / StorageTo be stored in a cool, dry place.
Scoville Heat Scale50,000–100,000
Shelf Life2 Years
Country of OriginPeru
Dietary PreferencesAll Natural, Gluten-Free, Kosher Parve, Non-GMO
Allergen InformationNone Specified


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