The Vanilla Experience (Gift Box)

A unique and flavorful gift for the vanilla lover! This convenient gift box includes a Homemade Vanilla Extract Kit and 3 glass vials of whole vanilla beans. The choice is yours, build your gift box how you like it!

Choose your vanilla bean varieties. Choose your Vanilla Experience.

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1 x Homemade Vanilla Extract Infusion Kit-Bourbon-Madagascar   + $19.99

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The Vanilla Experience
The Vanilla Experience (Gift Box)

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    It's the perfect gift box! Create your Vanilla Experience by choosing your favorite vanilla varieties. Do you prefer bold and smokey? If so, try Indian vanilla beans. Looking for traditional, rich and creamy? Madagascar Vanilla Beans are a must! Looking for something unique? Tahitian vanilla beans from Indonesia have a floral aroma with a unique cherry like flavor.

    Can't Decide? Read more about our various Vanilla Bean varieties.

    Gift Box Includes:
    • (1) Homemade Vanilla Extract Kit (Madagascar variety only)
    • (3) Glass Vials containing Whole Vanilla Beans (choose your vanilla variety)


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