Nacional 100% Cacao Coins

Nacional 100% chocolate disks

    Add a touch of luxury to all of your chocolate obsessions with these 100% chocolate disk made entirely from gourmet, heirloom Nacional cacao.
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    Chocolate aficionados rejoice! Take your chocolate recipes to the next level by incorporating these delectably dark unsweetened 100% cacao coins made from pure, Heirloom Designated Nacional cacao certified by the Heirloom Cacao Preservation (HCP). Ecuadorian Nacional cacao is considered to be the “mother” cacao line and has been harvested by the indigenous peoples of Ecuador for millennia. Believed to be extinct, heirloom crops were discovered and are now leading the rebound of prized Nacional cacao. With its overall smooth flavor and delightfully complex symphony of floral, berry, nutty, and cinnamon notes, Nacional cacao must be tried to appreciate the heirloom chocolate experience.
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IngredientsNacional cacao
Basic Preparation
    Cacao coins are ready to eat as-is or melt down as a richer substitute to ordinary cocoa and can be further substituted for dark or semi-sweet chocolate by adding sugar and/or milk. For instance, add 1 tablespoon of sugar to each ounce of these 100% cacao disks and you’ll have an exciting luxury substitute for your run-of-the-mill semisweet chocolate.
Recommended Applications
    Cacao coins or disks are meltable dollops of 100% chocolate that can be used in place of cocoa or chocolate in all of your favorite chocolate recipes. Use these to add sophistication to chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream, brownies, or other baked goods. These coins can also be the basis of chocolate confections, including truffles, fudge, drinking chocolates, and dessert sauces. You can even add these disks to savory dishes such as moles and barbeque sauces to add luxurious chocolate notes. Are you a dark chocolate lover? Is chocolate your superfood? Simply pop these in your mouth as a “healthy” sugar-free snack and enjoy the full bouquet of Nacional cacao.
Taste & AromaBittersweet
Product StyleWhole
CuisineAmerican, Ecuadorian, Latin American, Mesoamerican, South American
Handling / StorageStore in a cool, dry place
Shelf Life3 years
Country of OriginEcuador
Allergen InformationMay not be suitable for nut-allergic consumers.


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