Jasmine Tea

A fragrant green tea scented with Jasmine. A tea house favorite perfect for bawdy nights trading dirty jokes with the guys or quiet nights curled up with your favorite bad movie.

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Scented green teas go as far back as the Song Dynasty (960 AD -1279 AD). This was a period of great technological, economic, political, and culinary achievements. The Song Dynasty saw the invention of the compass and the establishment of true north, the creation of gunpowder warfare, the first banknotes, and moveable type. Food-wise the Song Dynasty saw the spread of imported exotic produce such as jujubes, the proliferation of noodle shops, and the development of a wide array of scented green teas.

Scented green teas were generally reserved for the Imperial court, though other high ranking and wealthy families were able to indulge in them. Green teas were placed in containers with powerful aromatics such as tangerine peel or cassia bark and allowed to absorb their flavor. One of the most prized scented teas was (and still is) jasmine. Jasmine blossoms are plucked at night when closed and then placed in containers of green tea. In the morning when the blossoms open they release their perfume, which is then absorbed by the tea leave. This can be repeated dozens of times.

This basic green tea has been lightly scented and makes for a perfect anytime tea that brews easy and matches salty snacks, Chinese food, vegetable soups, fruit tarts, and chocolate cakes.

More Information
IngredientsGreen tea scented with jasmine petals.
Product StyleLoose Leaf
Botanical NameCamellia Sinensis
Shelf Life3 years
Basic PreparationCaffeinated; 3 grams of tea per six ounces of water yields approximately 150 cups per lb. of tea.
Recommended ApplicationsStart with cold, fresh water. Preheat tea pot, use approximately 3 grams of tea leaves for 6 oz of water. For tea, steep 4 minutes. For Herbal Teas/Tisanes brew as black teas, with water to rolling boil. Pour over tea or herbal, do not boil botanicals when making tea.
Handling / StorageTo be stored in a cool, dry area out of direct light.
Country of OriginChina
Caffeine Free?No
Dietary PreferencesAll Natural, Gluten-Free, Kosher Parve, Non-GMO
Allergen InformationNone Specified


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