Japanese Yellow Curry Powder

Popular throughout Japan for hot curry soups in winter and chilled curries with soba in the summer.

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Japanese curries are often milder, sweeter, and with more focus on savory flavors than heat. Japanese cuisine doesn’t have a lot of focus on complex spice blends; so when Japan began to adopt curry powder from India into its cuisine, much of the cumin, cayenne, ginger, and black pepper was reduced. The result is a clean-tasting Japanese yellow curry powder with a focus on ginger and turmeric flavors.

More Information
IngredientsSpices, turmeric. Contains mustard.
Shelf Life3 years
Recommended ApplicationsSpice up your traditional recipes for burgers, meatloaf, tuna, chicken, pasta salad or potato salad with this great Japanese Yellow Curry Powder. Other great uses include stews, soups, marinades or sauces.
Basic PreparationReady to use as is, no preparation is necessary.
Product StylePowder
Taste & AromaHot, Pungent
Handling / StorageStore in a cool, dry place.
Country of OriginUnited States
Dietary PreferencesAll Natural, Gluten-Free, Kosher Parve, Non-GMO
Allergen InformationContains mustard


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