Ground Sassafras Leaves
Ground Sassafras Leaves

Sassafras Powder

Oddly, this plant is best known in two cuisines: Canadian and Creole. What?!

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Native American tribes along the east coast and areas east of the Mississippi first used Sassafras. Used for stews and drinks the ground sassafras leaves impart a lemonade-like flavor much like sorrel does, but with hints of camphor and old wood. It’s used as a souring agent in food and has a natural sweetness to it. If during cooking you smell a hint of root beer it is because sassafras is the original root beer flavor.

Ground sassafras is also used in a thickening agent called filé powder and is a most often used in gumbo where the sassafras powder develops a mucilaginous quality when added to hot liquids. The resulting texture is robust and silky.

More Information
IngredientsSassafras Leaves
Recommended ApplicationsTraditionally used in the Gumbo File spice blend and in Creole Cuisine. Sassafras powder is used for its unique flavor and is sometimes used as a thickening agent.
Basic PreparationReady to use as is, no preparation is necessary.
CuisineAmerican, Cajun, Canadian, Creole, North American
Product StylePowder
Taste & AromaAcidic & Fruity, Citrus, Sweet
Shelf Life2 Years
Handling / StorageStore in a cool, dry place.
Country of OriginUnited States
Dietary PreferencesAll Natural, Gluten-Free, Kosher Parve, Non-GMO
Allergen InformationNone Specified


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